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At a time when the young mind is most capable, Little Wonders knows that choosing an appropriate childcare program is an important decision for both you and your child. We encourage you to discover how our committed staff and quality programs will provide a great foundation for your child’s development!

We’re confident that you will be as excited about Little Wonders as we are! In fact, come visit us – as many  times as you’d like – and let us prove it to you.

Why Us

  • Trained and Certified

    Throughout the year all of our staff receive on going  in service training, through staff meetings, early childhood class, workshops, and conferences. We require all of our staff to hold certification in CPR, First Aid, and Universal precautions. Little Wonders also requires that every employee undergo a background check prior to employment. Our teachers must also adhere to a professional dress code making them easily identifiable.

    Your child will remain with the same teacher throughout most of the day in order to develop a close relationship. Please know that we chose our staff very carefully. We want to be able to share information with you each and every day and allow time for questions and concerns.

  • Modern Facilities

    Our new building totals 6,850 square feet with a secure 2,228 square feet playground. The building is equipped with the latest security systems and fire suppression and adheres to modern building safety guidelines.

  • Second and Third Language

    Little Wonders  incorporates Spanish and sign language into daily lessons. Your child will become familiar with the names of common objects in three different languages. This exposure to a second and third language at an early age proves more successful than at a later introduction in life. Children at a young age have an absorbent mind capable of learning more rapidly. We want to provide these minds with the foundation and building blocks they need for a successful future.

  • Fine Arts

    Little Wonders is pleased to offer a fine arts program through Westside Dance Academy. Here your child will receive a 10% discount on tuition when enrolled with Little Wonders. some restrictions apply.

  • Nutrition

    All of our meals are prepared on-site following nutritional guidelines. Meals are served family-style for children age 2+ to encourage social skills, practice turn taking, and learn about nutrition and healthy lifestyles. Food allergies and special requests are readily accommodated.

Ages 6 weeks – 12 years

  • Infant/Newborn

    We believe your baby will learn best when they feel safe and happy. Our teachers provide a safe and nurturing environment that will stimulate each child’s physical, intellectual, and social needs. Our teachers will assess your child’s development and adapt our curriculum with an individualized plan that’s just right for your little one.

  • Toddler

    The Toddler program is designed to maximize sensory motor experiences with informal structure for exploration. Your child is always on the go and we recognize this level of development by providing activities that will stimulate and expand their growth in their physical, and intellectual environment, all while learning early social skills.

    Additionally we focus on language development to expand vocabulary by practicing known words and learning new ones. Little Wonders incorporates sign language throughout the day into daily activities. Little Wonders believes that wanting something and being unable to explain often results in frustration and or temper tantrums. We believe that using sign language will help give your child the ability to express his or her important needs or thoughts.

  • Preschool and Pre K

    Our Preschool programs provides structured activities with choices along with weekly themes. The classroom is arranged in a series of learning centers that are set up into various areas including dramatic play, discovery, books, blocks, listening station, etc. Some of our daily lessons consist of reviewing upper and lower cases letters, mastering the sounds of letters, Handwriting Without Tears writing practice, Spanish lessons, early math, and many other classroom activities to continue to enhance their fine motor skills. Teacher led small group activities will still be included along with large group times to enjoy activities such as music, dancing, story time, science, and cooking.